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1st. Buying Trip To Mexico: New Amazing Crystals Coming...!

1st. Buying Trip To Mexico: New Amazing Crystals Coming...!

//:Mexican supplier (—/image/—)

We’ve been buying Mexican products for many years, but this is actually the first time to visit a manufacturer in East-Central Mexico. I was very impressed with the manufacturer’s organization and plant size, in fact, one of the biggest on this industry I’ve seen lately. In their more than 50,000 sq.ft. manufacturing plant, show room and warehouse I could find from rough boulders of selenite, obsidian, calcite, onyx, fluorite and mainly onyx to the tens of artisans and carvers doing by hand amazing pieces.

//:Inside manufacturing jewellery (—/image/—)

On the third day of my visit we went to visit one of the nearby onyx mines. Nice drive and a good time getting to know how they extract banded onyx and aragonite.In another contiguous building there are another dozen metal-smiths crafting their jewellery.

Amazingly also is their workshop for metal and wood bases, furniture and fixtures that compound many of the art-crafts and mineral specimens. In another building is their show-room and outlet amazingly decorated with the most beautiful pieces displayed. Yet, in another building there is that huge warehouse with all sort of gemstones, rocks, minerals and healing crystals not only from Mexico but from all over the world.

On the leisure time I need to mention all the sea food and the amazing margaritas we enjoyed.

So, what’s coming?

  • - Decorative bowls
  • - Table and floor stand onyx/aragonite/fluorite lamps
  • - Many other carvings, such as skulls, spheres, turtles and figurines
  • - Healing crystals: double terminated &
    massage wands and pyramids
  • - Rough & tumbled Mexican Boulders, chunks and chips
  • - And much more…