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2/22/2022 — Save the Date!

2/22/2022 — Save the Date!

To others, it's just another Tuesday. But to those subscribing to numerology, the date 2/22/2022 means so much more. It only happens TODAY and the next time we'll be seeing this sequence will be on 2/2/2222 (or approximately 200 years from now!).

OK cool, it's a palindrome. But what's there to celebrate? What's so special about this day?

222 Is an Angel Number

In numerology, 222 is one of the Angel Numbers (number sequences that contain 3 or 4 repeating digits). What makes the 222 combination even more special is that the number 2 represents the energies of partnership, duality, relationship, and balance.

The number 2 also teaches us the value of harmony. It calls on us to seek balance in all aspects of our lives, to cooperate with others harmoniously, and to build partnerships founded on care and mutual respect.

222 tells us that no matter what happens (and whatever situations we find ourselves in), we can always achieve harmony!

Celebrate 2/22/2022 with Us!

And February 22, 2022 is your lucky day to get all the products you need to get you closer to harmony. To celebrate this eventful day, all our retail items at The Rock Space are marked 22% off. From crystals, souvenirs, to smoke cleansing kits and novelty items, everything is discounted!

Not just that; onsite demonstrations on various New Age rituals will also take place store.

There will be live demos on the following practices:

  • Smoke cleansing
  • Tarot reading
  • Palm reading
  • Burning incense and using resins
  • And more

So if you're curious about all things metaphysical and you'd like to be familiar with some popular practices that connect the natural and mystical, consider yourself invited!

We look forward to seeing you on 2/22/2022 here at The Rock Space. Bring your friends!

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