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Gift Guide 2022: Gift Ideas for Those Who Love Geology and All Things Metaphysical

Gift Guide 2022: Gift Ideas for Those Who Love Geology and All Things Metaphysical

Christmas is the time to let people know they're special. To express how much we value their presence in our lives, we give them gifts that reflect their personality. We go out of our way to handpick a special item they'll love and cherish.

That's why it's important to be mindful when choosing gifts! You want your presents to resonate closely with your loved ones' authentic self, as well as their goals and desires.

If you're still unsure where to look for such gifts, we've created a quick list of gift ideas especially curated for people who are into New Age spirituality, geology, and stone carving. These gifts not only show appreciation to the other person, but also offer good vibes, peace, and relaxation.

Tips in Selecting the Best Gift for Your Loved Ones

To narrow down your choice and ensure your gift creates a lasting impression on your S.O., friend, sibling, or colleague, consider these important tips when shopping for gifts.

1. Listen to what the recipient says - Have zero clue on what to give them? Pay attention to every little detail your friend shares the next time you chat. Did something catch their attention at the nearby crystal shop? Is there something they've been wanting to buy in the future? Write a quick note as a reminder.

2. Find out what they need - This may be a no-brainer, but to come up with a wonderful gift idea it's best to think outside the box. Someone who's struggling with getting a good night’s rest might need a crystal or a herb mix that will help soothe their mind and senses, making them fall asleep faster. If you have a friend who's launching their first business, give them crystals for prosperity, wealth, and good luck.

3. Give them an experience - Is your kid obsessed with colourful rocks and gemstones? Does your friend love to be surrounded by energetic crystals that make them feel safe and grounded? Try giving them some cool specimens to work with. They'll love the experience, plus they'll remember you each time they see their crystals.

Now that you have an idea of how to handpick the right gift, below are some gift ideas to start with and where to get them.

For That Special Someone Who Loves to Prettify Their Space

1. Agate Butterfly

Placing agate in your environments is one of the fastest ways to attract positive energy. These butterfly agate slices are as charming as they are energetic. They're a great accent to your living room, bedroom, study, or dining room.

You can also place these butterfly showpieces in the middle of your table or at the corner of your bookshelf to give them a pop of colour. These butterflies come in black, natural, red, blue, teal, green, pink, and purple.

Agate also brings a range of healing and metaphysical benefits:

It balances the mind, body, and soul Cleanses the aura and dispels negative energy Boosts confidence Improves concentration Fights off insomnia and improves sleep quality

Get your agate butterfly here


2. Orthoceras Fossil Sculpture

An orthoceras is an extinct mollusk that existed around 370 million years ago during the Ordovician period (a time where the Earth was covered in water). It's the cousin of the modern squid, octopus, and cuttlefish. Orthoceras had a soft squid-like body enclosed in a cone shell. Made of aragonite, its shell turned into calcite and became fossilized.

This fossil sculpture is coated in black marble-like fossiliferous rock. It was created by chiselling off layers of the rock until the orthoceras fossil is revealed. The sculpture has a flat base so it can stand freely and be displayed anywhere.

Get your orthoceras fossil sculpture here


3. Crystals on Stand (Calcite, Smoky Quartz, Tangerine Quartz, Tourmaline, and Apatite)

Crystals are always an excellent gift idea. It can be a beautiful piece of decor that livens up any environment (both home and office) and fills any space with positive energy. It's one thing to tell your loved ones you wish them well and it's another to give them something that enhances their wellness!

These crystals are propped up by a metal stand to ensure they're securely kept in place. Displaying them on a stand prominently showcases amazing colours and patterns of your crystal. The hues attract the attention of even the most perceptive viewers, while the crystals' shape provide an element of natural grace.

Get your Crystals on Stand here


For Those Looking for a New and Unique Hobby

4. Soapstone Carving Kit

Does your partner, friend, parent, or sibling love to create things with their hands? Or do you know someone who wants to dabble in an enjoyable but low-commitment hobby? Sit them down, give them a soapstone block and carving tools, and get carving.

Soapstone carving is an inexpensive activity that lets you unleash your creativity, keep your mind active, and spend unhurried time with your loved ones. You don't even need to have a carving experience”soapstone is a talc-based rock and has incredible softness (you can scratch it with a fingernail!). So it's simply the best medium for beginner carvers of all ages.

Each soapstone kit contains a natural soapstone block, a child-safe steel rasp for carving, sanding papers, and detailed instructions.

Get your Soapstone Carving Kit here

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5. Break Your Own Geode - Box

Geodes are circular or semi-circular rock structures with a hollow internal cavity lined with various crystals and minerals. They form when a pocket of air or gas is trapped in lava or when fossil shells, nodules, or minerals leave behind cavities in their host rock.

When you split geodes open, you'll often see a lining of sparkling quartz crystals (or other minerals) inside. Every geode is different. So you'll never know what surprise awaits inside until you crack it open.

How to break it: Put the geode inside a paper bag or an old sock, place it on a protected flat surface and hit it softly at first. Gradually build up the force until the geode splits.

Get your Break Your Own Geode box here

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6. For Those Who Want to Attract Good Vibes

Peace Streaks Kits

Smoke cleansing (or smudging in the Native American culture) is the practice of burning traditional plants and aromatics to cleanse the mind, heart, body, soul, and space of negative energies. This leaves you feeling calmer, more focused, and more grounded to the present moment.

You can perform this ritual to purify the energy in your home or office, to put yourself in a meditative state, cleanse and recharge your crystals, cleanse your aura, or during prayer.

Peace Streaks is your ultimate smoke cleansing starter kit. It contains aromatic herbs, a charcoal puck, crystals, and a candle”all the essentials you need to perform your own ritual.

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