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New Partners, Exciting Products!

New Partners, Exciting Products!

Stonebridge Imports has partnered with local artisans and suppliers to offer our community an eagerly-awaited range of products (specifically for smoke cleansing rituals). Below is a description of some of them and how they are created and produced.

Herb Bundles

Organic herb bundles Kitchener.png

Our herb collection is now supplied to us by our exclusive distributor, Shawn, who harvests and sells his organic herbs from his local farm in Ontario.

These?? plants include sage, sweetgrass, cedar, lavender, mugwort, and pine which are bundled securely but not too tight to allow for quicker burning. Shawn's high-quality herbs are pesticide- and herbicide-free so it's guaranteed to be safe and nontoxic.

Properties: Burning these herbs helps promote happiness, positive energy, and calmness in people and environments.

Uses: Preserves your peace and balance and removes pent-up negative energies.

Of course, a smoke cleansing ritual wouldn't be complete without a clam shell and a feather for containing burned herbs and for distributing smoke within a space. These are provided to us by Heather Rulton, the owner of Spirituality In You Healing Center in London, ON.

Clam Shell

Abalone clam shell Kitchener.png

This is an Ontario clam shell with no live clam inside. The clam can live up to 250 years! The shells are sustainably sourced and collected during the proper season. No clams or habitat are harmed during this process. Clam shells are washed and blessed by the hands of Heather Rulton.

Properties: This clam shell symbolizes love, wisdom, purification, and feminine balance. Removes negative energies.

Uses: It is useful in smoke cleansing rituals by way of catching ashes/embers while clearing the space. Use to burn charcoal in.

Turkey Feather

Smudging feather Kitchener.png

Sustainably sourced, collected, washed, and blessed. No birds or habitat are harmed during the collection process.

Properties: Symbolizes connection to spirits carrying our messages throughout the wind with love and protection.

Uses: Used in smoke cleansing by way of wafting smoke into all areas while carrying our intentions to the universal spirit. Used for prayers, in animal medicine, and tutors.