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Heal Your Inner Child with Lepidocrocite

Heal Your Inner Child with Lepidocrocite

Feeling fidgety or easily distracted? Lepidocrocite may be the answer to your troubles. This mineral has a soothing vibration that can calm symptoms of ADHD and hyperactivity. Its energy creates a bubble of golden light around you, providing a barrier against negativity.

Read on to learn more about how Lepidocrocite can help bring balance and tranquility to your life.

The Physical Properties of Lepidocrocite

Lepidocrocite (also known as esmeraldite or hydrohematite) is a dazzling mineral with an orthorhombic crystal structure. It shines with a submetallic lustre and boasts a striking yellow-brown streak.

With a hardness of 5 and a specific gravity of 4, lepidocrocite is a force to be reckoned with. Its red to reddish brown hues are formed when iron-containing substances rust underwater, making it a unique and captivating sight.

Lepidocrocite is commonly found in the weathering of primary iron minerals and in iron ore deposits. You might even spot it as rust scales inside old steel water pipes and water tanks! It can also be found within amethyst, where its color transforms to a striking purplish-red.


The History of Lepidocrocite

Lepidocrocite gets its name from the Greek lepidos, meaning “scale,” and krokeis, meaning “saffron color,” referring to its appearance. It can be found in various locations around the world, with the most significant deposits being in Madagascar.

It can also be found in varying quantities in Spain and India, and it is also mined in Brazil where it is known by the name kokoshanite. In some cases, it is also referred to as red fire quartz.


The Lore of Lepidocrocite

Lepidocrocite is a relatively new mineral so there's no information about the legend of its powers.

The Metaphysical Properties of Lepidocrocite

If you’re struggling with the lingering effects of a traumatic or abusive childhood, know that seeking help is always the best option. Lepidocrocite is a healing stone that is believed to help individuals who have been emotionally damaged as a result of their childhood experiences. It is believed to aid in releasing unresolved trauma, allowing you to acknowledge and deal with it.

The loving and positive energies of the stone can also enhance romantic relationships by promoting open and free communication, and helping to forgive your partner. The stone works closely on the heart chakra, opening the way for deeper understanding and connection with your partner.

Lepidocrocite is known for its ability to bring the wearer closer to Divine energies. It can aid you in spiritual growth, helping to bring you to a deeper understanding and connection to yourself, particularly emotionally. The positive energies of the stone make it an ideal companion for meditation.

If you’re looking to connect with your spirit guides or guardian angels, lepidocrocite may be a helpful tool. This mineral is said to aid in connecting with the spiritual realm. To enhance the effects, you can try pairing it with other stones that resonate with the heart, throat, third eye, and crown chakras.


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