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How to Heal Your Throat Chakra and Be a Better Communicator

How to Heal Your Throat Chakra and Be a Better Communicator

Have you ever wondered where your capacity to express yourself, speak the truth, and convey ideas clearly come from? India's [chakra system]( teaches us that the throat chakra is the body's communication centre. Besides expression and speaking up, the throat chakra gives us the ability to hear others and be heard.

The values related to vishuddha are clarity, truth, and responsibility. But when your fifth chakra becomes unbalanced, you may struggle with communicating your thoughts effectively along with other throat-related health concerns.

Find out more about the throat chakra, some signs of energy imbalance, and some steps to heal your chakra and ensure your throat energy flows well.


What Is the Throat Chakra?

Originating in India around 1500 to 500 BCE, the chakra system consists of 7 spinning wheels of energy that run from the end of the spine to the crown of the head. Each chakra corresponds to specific nerves and organs in the body.

This chakra is represented by the colour light blue and the qualities purity, clarity, and wisdom. The vishuddha symbol consists of these elements:

  • The inner circle - Represents a full moon and the lunar phase of resting and letting go
  • Inverted triangle - Symbolizes the tuning in to one's soul and consciousness and the upward movement of energy to the spiritual plane
  • 16 petals - The 16 vowels of the Sanskrit language that represent effective communication (an attribute of a healthy and well-balanced throat chakra)

The Sanskrit name for the throat chakra is vishuddha, meaning especially pure. The throat chakra comes next to the root chakra, sacral chakra, solar plexus chakra, and heart chakra. The vishuddha chakra is associated with the throat, cheeks, lips, tongue, jaw, ears, the back and lower part of the neck, and the shoulders.

As the communication chakra, vishuddha influences your ability to communicate and listen. When this is balanced, you are able to speak the truth and listen to others with compassion. Expressing yourself and articulating your needs comes naturally for you.

Another way to look at the throat chakra is through its connective role.

The lower chakras (root, sacral, solar plexus, and heart chakras) govern the physical body and are linked to the earth elements. The third eye and the crown chakras are associated with light, intuition, and spiritual energy.

The throat chakra links the 2 chakra groups. Meaning, it connects the energies between your basic needs and your higher wisdom so you can manifest your higher self.

A balanced throat chakra serves as an effective mediator between your thoughts and emotions. This is beneficial when making critical decisions where it's important to balance what feels right and what's reasonable.

What Causes Throat Chakra Imbalance?

The vishuddha chakra can become out of balance due to several compounded factors. Most of these factors affect our chakra at a very young age and we experience its effects as we grow into adulthood.

Anodea Judith, a chakra healing expert and trainer of Mindvalley's Chakra Healing Quest, says that the fifth chakra develops between ages 7 and 10. During these crucial years, we learn to communicate to ourselves and others and consume information from the world around us.

As we grow up, we get immersed in situations that hinder our ability to speak truthfully and force us to disregard our personal needs and boundaries. Some of us may be conditioned to suppress our feelings and opinions to keep the peace with others. Not communicating your truth weakens the throat chakra.

Other factors that affect throat chakra health are:

  • Lying, internalizing lies and mixed messages
  • Keeping secrets and problems/worries/concerns you don't talk about

How Do I Know My Throat Chakra Is Out of Balance?

Diane Malaspina, a yoga medicine therapeutic specialist, says that someone who has an unbalanced vishuddha chakra may experience the following symptoms:

  • Fear of speaking their personal truth
  • Difficulty expressing their ideas
  • Speech anxiety
  • Talking too much or not talking at all
  • Being too loud or boisterous to the point of interrupting others in conversations
  • Being highly critical of themselves and others

Clear communication is vital in keeping your relationships healthy and thriving. If your goal is to be seen, heard, and valued for who you truly are from within (and you desire to do the same for others), preserving the health of your throat chakra should be a wellness priority.

An open and balanced vishuddha chakra empowers you to speak from a place of compassion, making you more open to hearing and listening to others. It allows you to be honest, to convey your ideas clearly, and be more transparent about your feelings. When there's honesty and clarity in communication, understanding takes place.

Constantly speaking truth enriches your relationship with yourself and others. Thus, paving the way for a healthier, more enlightened version of yourself.



7 Crystals for Healing, Activating Your Throat Chakra

Along with yoga, a healthy diet, and some lifestyle changes, healing crystals are great tools for maintaining the smooth flow of energy in your throat chakra. These blue stones treat imbalances and help improve communication.

Throat chakra stones release high vibrations that stimulate trust, compassion, courage, and emotional balance. Besides healing your throat chakra, these stones will also enhance your communication skills and your ability to express yourself.

1. Blue Lace Agate

This stone helps you articulate your thoughts, allowing you to use the right words that describe your ideas and feelings. Truth doesn't always come laced with a beautiful blow”at times it's uncomfortable and confrontational. Blue lace agate's gentle energy will help you speak the truth in love and compassion so as not to offend others with your speech. It also soothes anger and hurt.

Find out more about blue lace agate.

2. Lapis Lazuli

Since ancient times, lapis lazuli has been used by seers, sages, and public speakers to boost their eloquence and expression. It also increases creativity in speech and writing. In terms of speaking the truth, this beautiful blue-and-gold stone strengthens friendships. It lets you speak the truth to your friends with clarity and purpose. g Shop lapis lazuli stones here.

3. Angelite

If there's a stone that exudes truth and higher thinking, it's got to be angelite. Light, cool, and dreamy, angelite promotes self-growth by linking the throat, third eye, and crown chakras. The stone activates these chakras so you can tap into divine wisdom, understanding, and insight. Angelite also increases awareness and intuition.

Find out more about angelite.

4. Chrysocolla

This dazzling stone of greens and blues carries rich soothing energy. If you're experiencing anxiety or depression, chrysocolla can calm your mind and fill your heart with joy and security.

As a stone of communication, it will enhance your self-expression and give you strength to reclaim your personal power. Chrysocolla will boost your confidence in your own skills, abilities, and talents. The stone is useful in restoring strained relationships, may it be with your spouse, sibling, friend, or co-worker.

Find out more about chrysocolla.

5. Blue Kyanite

This kyanite stone oozes with loving energy for both the throat and third eye chakras. By enhancing your communication skills and connecting you to your inner wisdom, blue kyanite makes you become more understanding of the other person.

What's more, this stone will kindle your psychic abilities, intuition, and clairvoyance. Blue kyanite also helps you to speak clearly and sensibly.

Find out more about blue kyanite.

6. Blue Calcite

Another stone that works on throat and third eye chakras is blue calcite, a gorgeous blue stone known to clear out stagnant energies. It doesn't only improve communication among humans. With its high vibrations, blue calcite also facilitates communication with spirit guides. It will help you make sense of your psychic gifts. Use this stone to receive divine wisdom and understanding.

Find out more about blue calcite.

7. Sodalite

Want your words to be filled with meaning and a sense of encouragement? Use sodalite. Poets use this stone to drive up their creativity and conjure the right words to express their deepest sentiments. It also fills the mind with wisdom. Sodalite can make you become an effective speaker whose speech captivates, persuades, and inspires his audience.

Find out more about sodalite.


How Do I Use Throat Chakra Stones?

Here's how you can incorporate the healing energies of chakra stones into your life:

1. Wear them as jewellery - You can wear any of the stones as a necklace so it's closer to your throat area. This way, the stone is directly in contact with your chakra. Alternatively, wear the stone as a bracelet.

2. Carry your stone with you - To carry its energy wherever you go, place it in your pocket or purse. You can also hold a stone in your hand when public speaking or when having a difficult conversation with someone.

3. Place them anywhere in your home or office - Put them on your side table or desk to fill your bedroom, living room, or meditation space with healing energies.

4. Make a crystal grid - Form a crystal grid or altar using blue gems when communicating with your deity.

5. Meditate with them - Place a throat chakra stone on your throat when meditating. Visualize the colour of the stone in your throat area and say any of the following affirmations:

  • I release all fears and negativity that keeps me from speaking my truth.
  • I communicate confidently and with ease.
  • I am balanced in speaking and listening.
  • I am an active listener.
  • I set clear boundaries.
  • I do no harm with my words.
  • I speak with grace, courage, and authenticity.
  • I lovingly speak my truth and allow my Higher Self to speak through me.
  • I use my words to create beauty in this world.

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