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This crystal is rare in that it is only in one place in the entire world. That is the eastern Siberian region of Russia, exactly in Lake Baikal. The crystal relates to the heart chakra and can help improve and restore relationships. Sometimes this stone is referred to as Chlorite Jade. It is a beautiful stone to admire because of its deep bluish green or pewter color. The white streaks make it look distinctly ethereal.

1. The Physical Properties of Seraphinite

This crystal is from the chlorite family. It is an aluminum, iron, magnesium silicate; considered to be a fine-grained type of clinochlore. The stone generally has a green to dark green or grey color. Its tenacity is flexible, and the transparency of this stone is translucent or vitreous when polished. The luster of this stone can be Pearly, Greasy or Earthy. The mica contained in the stone is what gives it the feathery visual effect. Its hardness is anywhere between 2 and 2.5 on the Moh's scale.

2. The History of Seraphinite

The crystal receives its name from the white light designs that are found in it resembling angel's wings. Other names given to this crystal are Serafina or Green Chlorite. It is believed that this crystal can help you to detoxify the filtering organs and strengthen the immune system. People have used it in the past to stop the spreading of cancer and to aid cellular regeneration. This crystal is also associated with the release of muscle tension and in benefiting the spinal cord.

3. The Lore of Seraphinite

The Seraphim are the angels of the highest hierarchy that attend God's throne. Seraphim meaning winged feathery being is an appropriate name for this remarkable stone which displays delicate streaks all throughout its composition. Because of its association with heavenly beings, it is thought to be a healing stone being more often used to cure health problems associated with the brain and nervous system.

4. The Metaphysical Properties of Seraphinite

This crystal can be used to bring the body back into balance. Seraphinite can be used to cleanse the body from negative energies. This crystal is linked to the heart, to keep your heart from being hurt and helping it to heal from past emotional wounds. Seraphinite can help you to spread your wings in a sense and soar to new heights and new places, reaching those things you may have been afraid of accomplishing in the past. Because this crystal is linked to the heart chakra, it is the perfect crystal to work with when restoring a sense of healing and wellbeing to the self. When one is feeling that they need love and compassion and to reach an understanding of wholeness; this is the crystal that can provide these sensations of comfort. When needing to clear yourself from feelings of guilt and pain, this powerful crystal can help you to clear away that negativity and restore peace and balance.