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What Is Mangano Calcite?

What Is Mangano Calcite?

Mangano calcite (or manganoan calcite) is a mineral made of manganese calcium carbonate. To the untrained eye, this pink stone looks like rose quartz or rhodochrosite at first glance. But what distinguishes it from these two is its white bands and its ability to calm and relax the mind. People use mangano calcite to sharpen their focus during meditation.

The Physical Properties of Mangano Calcite

The colour of mangano calcite ranges from light to dark pink, depending on the amount of manganese present in the stone. It has a hardness rating of 3 meaning it's a soft stone and can be scratched easily by a knife blade. This quality of gentleness makes mangano calcite a great stone for reducing anxiety, tension, and overwhelming emotions.

As a carbonate mineral, calcite is sensitive to acid. Harsh cleaning products may damage calcite stones.


The History of Mangano Calcite

The mineral calcite (from the Greek chalix and Latin calx meaning lime) was first discovered by the Roman author and naturalist Pliny the Elder in 79 A.D, while Mangano calcite was discovered and named in 1846 by the German mineralogist August Breithaupt in Banská, Å tiavnica, Slovakia. Breithaupt came up with the mangano in mangano calcite as a reference to the manganese content in the mineral.

Calcite (along with limestone) was used in the ancient times in carving statues and building structures. It's a staple mineral in ancient Rome, Macedonia, and other cultures.

Calcite is known as the most common form of calcium carbonate (CaCO3) that occurs in large masses of limestone or marble in the Earth's crust.

It's important to note that mangano calcite is different from pink calcite”the former contains at least 30% manganese in its crystal structure.

Mangano calcite is found in Australia, Bulgaria, Japan, Madagascar, Mexico, Peru, Romania, and Russia.

The Lore of Mangano Calcite

Mangano calcite is called a study stone which helps people remember or retain information. Due to its calming and comforting energies, the stone is said to help in stimulating pregnancy.


The Healing and Metaphysical Properties of Mangano Calcite

Mangano calcite is a powerful healing stone, stimulating holistic healing from physical to spiritual levels. It heals the crown and heart chakras and, in the process, promotes the smooth flow of energies through both chakras.

Some people use the stone as a tool to boost their energies as they work towards their goals and intentions.

Whether you want to attract romance into your life, get hired for your dream job, be the wonderful parent to your kids, build a business, or save up for your dream home, mangano calcite will help you focus your efforts on realizing your deepest desires.

Speaking of focus, mangano calcite is a great meditation stone that helps you concentrate and bring your senses into a meditative state. The most commonly used shape is the heart-shaped mangano crystal.

As a love stone, it ushers its user to a place of love, stimulating increased love for the self and for others. This is most beneficial to people who have unhealed emotional trauma caused by a breakup, abuse, or the death of a loved one.

To use this stone when meditating:

  • Hold it in your hands
  • Close your eyes and feel the vibrations of the stone flow through your hands and into your heart
  • Let mangano calcite nurture your heart with love

Meditate with mangano calcite consistently to cleanse your aura and radiate positive energy. As you continue with your practice, you'll become more connected with yourself and are able to deal with others with love, kindness, and gentleness.

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