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Silver Sheen Obsidian: The Success Stone

Silver Sheen Obsidian: The Success Stone

Need solid protection against negative energies? Silver sheen obsidian is your stone. This mineraloid is known for its ability to absorb negativity from people, objects, and places.

Using silver sheen obsidian in meditation helps enhance your mind-body connection, making you more mindful of the present moment.

Silver sheen obsidian also removes fear and anxiety so you can be bold and courageous when pursuing your goals.

The Physical Properties of Silver Sheen Obsidian

This obsidian variety has a dark brown to black colour, with sparkling silver inclusions all over its body. This shimmering effect is called chatoyancy. It is most visible when strong light hits the stone and is reflected by the tiny gas bubbles trapped in the stone.

Obsidian has a glassy luster with a smooth uniform texture. With a Mohs hardness rating of 5 to 6, it is slightly harder than window glass. It displays a conchoidal fracture and sharp edges when it breaks.

Due to its lack of toughness, obsidian is only suitable for applications where only minimal impact is required (e.g., creating jewelry pieces like brooches, earrings, and pendants).

This volcanic glass consists of different crystalline materials. Due to the presence of abundant, tightly packed, and minuscule crystallites, obsidian is opaque except on thin edges.

Most obsidian specimens have clusters of needle-like crystals (known as spherulites). Small and large quartz crystals may also be present in some specimens.

The History of Silver Sheen Obsidian

Obsidian is derived from the name Obsuis, a Roman explorer who was believed to have discovered the rock in Ethiopia.

It is an extrusive rock, meaning it forms when lava comes out of a volcano and solidifies above the Earth's surface. It can form along the edges of a lava flow, a volcanic dome, or along a dike. It can also form when lava comes in contact with air or water.

Obsidian can be found anywhere where there is volcanic activity. But the popular extraction sites are found in Brazil, Mexico, Afghanistan, Japan, and the US.

Silver sheen obsidian and gold sheen obsidian are found in Mexico where they are extracted using shovels, pickaxes, and wheelbarrows.

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The Lore of Silver Sheen Obsidian

The Aztecs (a nomadic tribe believed to have originated from northern Mexico) used obsidian as a material for scrying mirrors.

Other ancient civilizations fashioned the stone into weapons like axes and arrowheads because of its protective properties. Even then, obsidian was always believed to shield against harmful and threatening forces.

Obsidian is also said to stimulate fertility and enhance sexual drive in people with decreased libido. It may boost blood health and improve the muscles.

The Metaphysical Properties of Silver Sheen Obsidian

In addition to driving away negative energies, silver sheen obsidian clears out the clutter in your life that prevents you from achieving your goals. This works for someone who's about to take on a new role at work, build a business, or get into a new relationship.

Silver sheen obsidian will help you fix your focus on what matters. It will grant you the wisdom and patience to pursue your objectives.

This stone is connected to the throat and third eye chakras. It unblocks your throat chakra so you can speak the truth boldly, clearly, and in a persuasive manner. By activating your third eye chakra, the stone will increase your intuition.

It will imbue in you the wisdom to offer advice when it's needed and to exercise good judgment when making important decisions.

Want to connect with yourself a little deeper? Meditate with silver sheen obsidian. It will take you to a deeper journey into your hidden desires, intentions, and talents.

This obsidian will also expose your weaknesses, flaws, limiting beliefs, etc. that don't serve your future self. Having this clarity will help you manifest your own destiny.

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