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What on Earth Is Angelite?

What on Earth Is Angelite?

Angelite is a trade-name for a semi-transparent, pale glacier-blue or lilac-blue anhydrite variant. Anhydrite crystals are evaporites, occuring in areas where gypsum stones have been in contact with water, which has then evaporated, leaving the crystals behind. While gypsum crystals are found all over the world, Angelite is formed only with the right concentration of minerals in the anhydrite deposits resulting in its distinctive blue color. Sometimes called Blue Angelite or Angel Stone, its white center and snow-white flecks characterize this beautiful fine-grained gem material.

The Physical Properties of Angelite

Grading 3 ½ in the Mohs scale of mineral hardness, this stone is a soft crystal made of calcium sulfate (CaSO4) belonging to the mineral group of sulfates. Its crystal system is orthorhombic and typically appears in the form of cleavage masses. It has this gorgeous pearly to vitreous (glassy) luster about it. Angelite's streak color is commonly white, but may vary according to surface colors that range from blue and white to gray.

The History of Angelite

Angelite is considered to be a new age anhydrite gemstone only discovered in 1987 in Peru. Anhydrite comes from the Greek word anhydras, which means without water” referring to it as a gypsum that has completely lost its hydration.

The largest deposits of Angelite are in Peru and Mexico, but it is also found in some areas of Europe, Libya, and Egypt. Workers at local lapidary factories in Lima, Peru craft wands, eggs, and animal carvings from Angelite.

The Lore of Angelite

The name Angelite is deeply associated with the belief that this stone has the power to facilitate communication with angels and spirit guides.

As a new discovery in the gemstone world, there has only been relatively recent literature on Angelite’s healing properties. It helps in regulating the functions of various organs, including the blood vessels, thyroids, and soft tissues.

This gemstone is related to the moon and sun of the zodiac sign, Aquarius. Angelite promotes focus, self-awareness, and spiritual health for the spontaneous, independent, and sometimes stubborn Aquarians.

The Metaphysical Properties of Angelite

Angelite is known by many as The Stone of Awareness or The Gateway Crystal. It encourages individuals to connect with the energy lines of the universe and reach a higher form of consciousness. This stone drives away insecurity, doubts, and fears; allowing inner peace, forgiveness, and empathy to take over.

Hold an Angelite chunk when meditating; this will create a sense of tranquility and stimulate healing. Being a stone of communication and connection, a piece of Angelite jewelry makes a perfect gift for your friend, spouse, sibling, or parent. It is a positive stone for relationships and working with others.

If you are going through a journey of self-discovery, Angelite is a brilliant choice for a companion. In the pursuit of what matters most to you, Angelite will facilitate your spiritual rebirth and sharpen your intuitive strength. This stone guides you in expressing your truth as it protects your mind, body, and spirit.


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