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What on Earth Is Cavansite?

What on Earth Is Cavansite?

Cavansite is a fascinating stone with a complex chemical composition and stimulating physical and metaphysical properties. Let's have a closer look at the history of cavansite and what it can do:

The Physical Properties of Cavansite

Cavansite usually makes tiny crystals, out of which the little blue puffballs are the most exquisite and beautiful. Its colour varies from greenish blue to deep ultramarine blue, and it is vitreous and transparent. Cavansite also displays visible pleochroism, which makes its appearance all the more fascinating. It's a brittle stone, rated 3-4 on the Mohs hardness scale.

As a rare stone that is not easy to mine, cavansite usually is found in small formations. The crystal's surface is often jagged owing to the presence of lustrous formations that extend from its main body which looks a bit like a rosette. That gives the stone it's unique powder puff appearance that crystal lovers find so enchanting.

The History of Cavansite

This beautiful blue stone first discovered in 1967 in Oregon, and subsequently, its deposits were found in various places around the world, including India, Brazil and New Zealand. Cavansite has been named for its chemical composition, which consists of calcium, vanadium and silicate ” Ca-V-Si.

The Lore of Cavansite

As is the case with most other recently discovered crystals, cavansite is not mentioned in any ancient texts or legends. However, it has extensive modern magic lore. Numerology connects it to the number 4, while astrology claims it is a stone for Aquarius and Pisces star sign. It is due to it being considered a crystal of the elements of Air and Water.

The Metaphysical Properties of Cavansite

Cavansite is said to have a powerful vibration that usually brings joy and optimism, although it can heighten your psychic sensitivity with its unique energy. As one of the most effective presumed enhancers of creativity and excitement, it's good to have cavansite with you when you're starting a new creative endeavour. If you've been having any difficulties coming up with ideas, cavansite may help you achieve a breakthrough.

Cavansite crystals may also help open up your heart chakra and assist in the overall healing of the body. Cavansite also may be used to activate the so-called Golden Crown Diamond, which is the unity of the Alta major, third eye, crown, causal and ear chakras. However, it may also be used to focus on healing your throat area, as well as the eyes, bladder and kidneys. Cavansite is also said to aid in the healing of tinnitus, by decreasing or eliminating the ringing in your ears.

Emotionally, cavansite is an excellent stone to use to overcome grief and pain. It's great for meditation, as it helps you sink more easily into a deep meditative state that facilitates greater tranquillity. It provides comfort in difficult times, and it can be beneficial in your efforts to relieve stress.

This unique and beautiful blue crystal can aid both your physical and emotional healing, which makes it a perfect addition to your crystal collection.