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What on Earth Is Fulgurite?

What on Earth Is Fulgurite?

Fulgurite is exactly the next best thing to holding a lightning bolt in your hand. When cloud-to-cloud lightning discharges into the surface of the earth, it will likely strike at organic materials such as sand, stone, and clay. These materials undergo rapid chemical and morphological transformations. This is how Fulgurite, or commonly known as a lightning fossil, takes shape.

Fulgurites are natural glasses. They are sometimes referred to as heaven and earth's work of art.

The Physical Properties of Fulgurite

Fulgurite crystals are a variety of mineraloid lechatelierite. It is made of SiO2 fused silicon dioxide. The size and scale of these lightning tubes vary due to factors such as the intensity of a lightning strike and surface compositions. On average, Fulgurite can exceed twenty centimeters in diameter and build up to sixteen feet in length. This mineral can penetrate as deep as forty-nine feet below the surface or form directly on the struck sedimentary material.

Fulgurite's morphology can be classified according to the struck material. Arguably, the most popular type of Fulgurite is formed in quartz sand. This usually has thin glassy walls surrounding a hollow center. Fulgurite that is derived from clay forms a gray crust around a large cylindrical void. Calcic soils or calcium carbonate-rich soils form thick-walled, glassy Fulgurite masses with little or no void in the center. Rock Fulgurites have unmelted rock walls with a small lechatelierite glass center or none at all. Droplet fulgurite or exogenic fulgurite is a relatively new class, formed below natural soil and gravel surfaces.

With a hardness of 4 in the Mohs scale, Fulgurite is considered a soft stone. Fulgurite enhancement is not considered best practice due to the fragility of this material. It is advisable to store fulgurite in a glass container display, and use water and soap for cleaning only when most necessary. Steam cleaning and high frequency pressure cleaning are damaging to Fulgurite.

The History of Fulgurite

Fulgur is a latin word that literally translates to lightning. Fulgurites are split-second lightning strikes cast in stone. Studies suggest that these silica-rich branched crystals were originally described from areas in Germany including Senne Plateau, Gütersloh, Eastern Westphalia, North Rhine-Westphalia.

The Lore of Fulgurite

While it may be tempting to claim that Fulgurite's cultural significance is largely associated with the Greek god, Zeus, there's just no substantial literature to support this. This mineral did play a great role in ancient civilization's fascination for opulence. Before the discovery of synthetic glass, people acquired natural glass-like materials and used them as some form of jewelry or embellishment to signify wealth and royalty.

Today, Fulgurite is known to be a powerful healing mineral that corrects various physical health issues and endorses cell rejuvenation. It is even seen to be of great help in preventing cancer cells from multiplying.

Fulgurite is the stone of Gemini and Virgo. Both zodiacs are creative and passionate but can be self-critical and uptight. This gemstone encourages creativity and invites spiritual inspiration as it broadens self-realization to allow an open flow of psychic and intuitive energy.

The Metaphysical Properties of Fulgurite

Fulgurite is The Stone of Purification. It carries the energy of lightning which stimulates enlightenment and promotes the experience of Kundalini awakening. It breaks old, unhealthy habits and opens up the senses towards spiritual transformation. Fulgurite enhances communication on the physical plane and strengthens the connection with other worlds. This high-vibration stone creates a powerful flow from the heart chakra up, but particularly in the throat and third eye chakras. It is a strong tool in manifesting one's highest desires through meditation and prayer.


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