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What on Earth Is Rutile?

What on Earth Is Rutile?

Rutile might not be a stone one hears about often, but it's a gorgeous, natural stone with many unique physical and metaphysical properties.

The Physical Properties of Rutile

Rutile is one of the five forms of titanium dioxide that are found in nature, and the uniqueness of its appearance can be perfectly described with its alternate name: angel hair. Most often it is a golden red color, typically in acicular form. Rutile forms small needles in gems, creating asterism and lending the prefix star to gems that display it.

With a high refractive index, strong dispersion, and an adamantine or metallic luster, the crystals of rutile have an almost diamond-like appearance. On the Mohs scale, rutile's hardness is 6-6.5, and it can be transparent or opaque. Rutile's color varies from blood red and brownish yellow to brown-red, yellow, and even cooler shades like greyish black, bluish, or violet.

The History of Rutile

Rutile was first named in 1800 by the German geologist Abraham Gottlob Werner. The origin of the word comes from Latin rutilus, which means reddish. However, rutile had other names before, including red schorl. It can be found in many different localities all across the world.

The Lore of Rutile

Ancient peoples around the world used rutile as a charm that would stabilize their emotions and evoke romance. Its lore also mentions its use in different meditative practices as well as astral travel and dream recall. In lore, it is often depicted as a stone of intuition that helps its wearer pierce through uncertainties of life and achieve clairsentience.

The Metaphysical Properties of Rutile

The metaphysical properties of rutile are certainly fascinating as well. Its appearance has inspired many crystal enthusiasts to see this stone as a way to overcome their problems. It's believed that rutile can affect our physical, astral, and etheric body, as well as ensure that negative energy won't be accumulated in any of these domains.

The primary chakra affected by rutile is the Third Eye Chakra, but it can also help activate the Crown Chakra. However, rutile is believed to be able to bring all the chakras into balance with a unique effect on each, attuning the body with the chakra energies perfectly.

On an emotional level, rutile is said to be able to heal the soul and clearthe aura, helping people to wipe away their hurtful memories and leave them in the past. As the alleged key to a serene life, rutile can aid individuals suffering from depression or even a simple discontented mood. It's also believed to aid in forgiveness and reaching compromises with your loved ones, helping you make decisions that will make you stronger.

Rutile's physical healing properties come from its effect on our physical body's negative energy. It is said to be able to enhance the muscles and the gastrointestinal tract, helping with eating disorders, boosting the immune system, and dispelling fatigue.

This beautiful stone's many unique properties and appearance can certainly find a place in any crystal enthusiast's collection.