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What on Earth Is Shattuckite?

What on Earth Is Shattuckite?

Shattuckite is adored by many for its rich blues, dark blues, and greens. At times, this copper mineral occurs underneath the surface layer of quartz crystals. This produces the vivid blue druzes in quartz. Shattuckite collectors would polish the mineral to bring out its full colours.

The Physical Properties of Shattuckite

It forms in different crystal forms. It can be elongated, compact, botryoidal (like a cluster of grapes), spherical, or grainy. Globular shattuckite crystals can form along the sides of vugs. Shattuckite often creates pseudomorph after replacing other minerals like quartz, cuprite, and dioptase.

Shattuckite is a soft mineral with a Mohs hardness rating of 3.5. Its crystals are translucent to opaque, with a vitreous to silky lustre. Its blueness can range from a bright light blue to turquoise blue to a dark blue. Some specimens can have bands which are concentric in form.

It is rarely used as a gemstone material, with the finest specimens polished into beads and pendants. Besides quartz, shattuckite is associated with other minerals like azurite, calcite, chrysocolla, malachite, and plancheite.

The History of Shattuckite

This eye-catching mineral was first discovered in 1915. It was found by the mineralogist W.T. Schaller in the Shattuck Mine in Bisbee, Arizona. Hence, the name shattuckite. While it's origins can be traced in the USA, shattuckite is found in various parts of the world including Austria, Congo, Great Britain, Germany, Namibia (location of the finest shattuckite specimens), Norway, and South Africa.

benefits of shattuckite

The Lore of Shattuckite

According to health folklore, shattuckite may treat and prevent certain illnesses. It's believed to treat blood clots and problems with the parathyroid glands and the spleen. It may also help people stabilize acid and bile levels in the body. Shattuckite is also said to cure tonsillitis, diabetes, and mental health issues.

The Metaphysical Properties of Shattuckite

Shattuckite is called a stone of intuition and psychic abilities. It brings clarity to the mind, heart, and throat. And by forging a strong connection among these three, this copper mineral empowers its user to speak the truth.

Another benefit of this connection is that its user is able to articulate their thoughts to others, speak directly from the heart, and to speak lovingly to people.

Feeling a little disconnected with yourself? Meditating with shattuckite can help you stay in touch with your mind, body, and soul, leading you to feel whole and at home with your true self once again.

It's also said that shattuckite can sharpen a person's senses and increase their sensitivity to the leading of their spirit guides. This is extremely helpful if you've been trying to piece together mysteries in your life.

Did you know that you don't have to have a huge need for activating your psychic abilities to incorporate shattuckite in your daily life? If your profession involves a great deal of talking and engaging people, as a stone of communication shattuckite is the best stone to work with so you can speak from a place of confidence and conviction.

Lawyers, teachers, newscasters, ministers, and even vloggers may find shattuckite essential for boosting their self-esteem and connecting with audiences. Shattuckite also facilitates the smooth flow of words as you speak.


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