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Pointed crystal quartz is the most common mineral found on the face of the earth and occurs in all environments and all rock types - sedimentary, metamorphic or igneous. Quartz name derives from the German word “quarz”, although other sources say the name is from the Saxon word “Querkluftertz”, meaning “cross-vein ore”. Because of its abundance, Quartz is the mineral with the most varieties; some of its more well-known being Amethyst (purple), Citrine (yellow to orange), Milky Quartz (white), Smoky Quartz (browns, grays, blacks) and Rose Quartz (pink)… And then, of course, there is the clear variety, commonly called Rock Crystal or Clear Quartz.

Pointed crystal quartz, a compound of silica and oxygen, has a very unique structure, growing in a hexagonal (six-sided) structure, with additional faces sloping towards a point at one end. A crystal with these characteristics is itself also called a point. Points may be totally clear and transparent, or they may contain streaks, lines, rainbows, water bubbles or other inclusions. They may also appear cloudy. Crystal structure is a continuous ordered arrangement of one or more elements. This is simply a fancy way of saying that minerals are composed of elements that are stacked in an orderly and neat fashion. In crystallography, a crystal system or crystal family or lattice system is one of several classes of space groups, lattices, point groups, or crystals. Informally, two crystals tend to be in the same crystal system if they have similar symmetries, though there are many exceptions to this.

Varieties of Quartz come in many different shapes, sizes and styles. Specimens can be found as pyramidal, prismatic, drowsy, barnacled (called “Fairy Quartz” or “Spirit Quartz”), phantom, twinned, clustered, sceptered, microcrystalline, fibrous, banded…in veins, geodes, concretions (masses), stalactites, crusts, sands, etc. Quartz crystals vary widely in habit but most often are found growing as slender elongated prisms, pyramidal points or clusters.

Pointed crystal quartz contains both piezoelectric and pyro-electric properties. Piezoelectric means that when a crystal is heated or compressed different electrical charges are formed at each end of the crystal, creating an electrical potential which vibrates - the latter making it pyro-electric too. These effects were first discovered in crystals such as Quartz and Tourmaline. There are many reasons why Quartz is important in industry today, such as in the sand used in the manufacture of glass, or the rock crystals used in electronic equipment, i.e. the oscillators used for controlling radio frequencies and in todays Quartz crystal watches. All of the Quartz varieties are extremely valued as popular gemstones.

Today, many people use crystal to help focus their attention on something they want or to align with and access information from a higher level of consciousness. Many unique geometric configurations and characteristics of quartz crystal have been labeled with special names. Books written by practitioners detailed the use and expected results of these special crystals. Since the information is not always in agreement, the reader is left to decide what feels right or to dismiss the whole concept and merely appreciate the natural beauty of crystal. Most all the beliefs about quartz crystal involve its energy properties. The most common or universal belief system involves the scientific use of both natural and synthetic crystals in optics, acoustics and electronic applications.

Nearly every ancient culture has revered Quartz. The ancients believed Quartz was actually water from the heavens that was frozen into eternal ice by the gods. In fact, the word “crystal” derives from the Greek word “krystallos” meaning “ice”. Oceanic and Australian shamans spoke of Quartz as “a stone of light broken off from the celestial throne”. The above noted…for all things, Rock Crystal is a potent stone to work with. Its strength and energy are beyond compare in the world of mineralogy. It can be used for healing, increasing physical vitality, enhancing all spell work, or for anything you wish to amplify.

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