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EGG carving gemstone from StoneBridge Imports in Canada.

During ancient years, the EGG signified new starts, a powerful symbol of fertility, purity and reawakening. Long ago, charmed ceremonials frequently use eggs to promote fruitfulness and rebuild virility of person’s body and mind and to prophesy future. The meaning of EGG is progress, safeguard, new starts, and rebirth. Now in today’s societies, when we talk about EGGS, its associated with Easter. Christians encompassed the EGG symbol and likened it to the tomb from which Christ arose. However pre-Christian in the beginning, this egg allegory was in pact with the Christian concept of Resurrection and the transformation of death into life.

Healing gemstone eggs come in various stone types such as emerald, calcite, amethyst, onyx and decorative crystal ball wholesale.

StoneBridge Imports would like to present you the varieties of EGG Carving Gemstones. Start a new life with StoneBridge Imports precious EGGS.

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