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Powerful Healing Crystals for Moms of All Walks of Life

Powerful Healing Crystals for Moms of All Walks of Life

Being a mother is the most fulfilling role in the world. But while it provides meaning, inexplicable joy, and a great sense of purpose, it's not without challenges.

In nurturing others, moms may forget to look after themselves. And mothers who juggle their time between maintaining the home and working full time get beat at some point.

Using healing crystals is the fastest way to refuel your mind, body, and spirit with positive energy. You can wear it, meditate with it, or display it in your home ” however you want to incorporate crystals into your routine, you can surround yourself with uplifting energies wherever you go and be the super mom you're destined to be!

Below are the most common crystals mothers of all walks of life can benefit from and how best to use them.

Crystals For Expecting Moms

How do crystals ensure the safety of moms and their babies throughout pregnancy?

Crystals are useful in unblocking energies in your chakras. Pregnant or not, your chakras (or energy centers) must stay open or balanced. Otherwise, you may experience physical ailments or emotional disturbances.

Healing crystals help you to manifest good and noble intentions for you and your child's life. They also protect you from negative energies, fill you with motherly wisdom, and boost your mental, emotional, and physical strength.

Below are the ideal crystals to work with and what they offer during pregnancy:

  • Amethyst - For rest and spiritual connection. Amethyst reduces anxiety, fear, and panic in your system so you'll remain calm and steady until your day of delivery. This stone is also dubbed as a birthing tool which aligns your spirit with your experience.
  • Angelite - For comfort and divine guidance. If you're feeling lost and alone, angelite will supply you with guidance and comfort. It will remind you of the strong female power you have within and unleash it throughout your pregnancy. Use it to receive relief and extra protection at any point.
  • Malachite - For safe and healthy childbirth. You need a strong physical body and immunity from your pregnancy to your parenthood. Malachite will give these to you throughout your motherhood. The stone will serve as an elixir of strength, healing, and vitality for you and your baby. It's especially useful during the moment of birth itself.
  • Carnelian - An all-purpose motherhood stone. This stone will also carry you throughout your pregnancy and parent life as it speeds up the healing of your organs, enhances your stamina, and pumps up your motivation to be a caring and nurturing mom. Bring your carnelian stone out in case you get overcome by fear and worry before your birthing process.
  • Fluorite - Proper absorption of nutrients. In addition to filling you with positive energy, fluorite will aid your body in absorbing essential nutrients that you and your baby need. Fluorite will place you in a happy and peaceful disposition during this memorable pregnancy ride.
  • Lepidolite - For consistent positive energy. Whether you need a mood booster or a stress reliever, lepidolite is your go-to crystal for that much needed positive energy. If your pregnancy journey is starting to stress you out, allow lepidolite to soothe you and get you going.
  • Rose quartz - For a strong bond with your baby. As the ultimate love stone, rose quartz will fill your heart with unwavering compassion. It lets you tap into your radiant feminine energy and enhance your love connection with your unborn child. Rose quartz is also a great stone keeping worry and anxiety at bay.

Use these crystals either in your first or fourth trimester, or basically anytime you need a supportive energy source. They provide instant comfort even when you just hold them or press them against your body.

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Crystals For Moms Who Just Gave Birth

Motherhood is a wonderful thing, but it's not always a walk in the park.

At times, caring for a newborn and adjusting your entire life to accommodate your new responsibility can take a toll on your mental and physical health.

So it's important to rest up and meditate now more than ever. Even just 5 minutes of quiet time can help recalibrate your thoughts and energize your senses. Do this together with healing crystals that have stress relief properties.

Consider these options:

  • Celestite - This pale sky blue stone will remind you of peaceful dreams. Celestite promotes rest and relaxation not only for you but also for your little one. A gaze at the blueness of celestite melts away anxious thoughts and overwhelming feelings (e.g., dread, overwhelm, loss of control, doubt, worry, etc.)
  • Selenite - Always find yourself daydreaming or distracted? Selenite is the perfect crystal for moms whose minds often drift. Its radiant whiteness works by clearing your head from unwanted thoughts and sharpening your focus. Use it to meditate or as decoration in your home.
  • Moonstone - This is considered as one of the most powerful crystals for women as it symbolizes the moon’s energy and the feminine power. Moonstone is a visual reminder for mothers to immerse themselves in every moment of their motherhood and to embrace their calling.

Crystals For On-the-Go Moms

This next batch of crystals is for mothers who, along with caring for their child and maintaining the home, are also actively involved in other pursuits. This could be a hobby, a business, a corporate job, and many other things.

Be an unstoppable force without compromising one or the other roles with these healing crystals:

  • Clear quartz - This high vibration stone is known as the master healer associated with many healing properties. Crystal quartz clears your mind from negative thoughts, aids concentration and memory, and helps combat fatigue. It's best for moms who are sleep deprived as it relaxes the body and replenishes energy. Crystal quartz also amplifies every mother's intention for their children, including safety, blessings, and success. It will listen to the desires of your heart and direct it to the universe.
  • Emerald - As a mom, you need to have maximum tolerance to everything and anyone around you. The gorgeous green stone emerald is brimming with inspiration and patience. Let it be your rich source of patience and understanding. A woman who exercises patients at all times is never unfazed by whatever that comes her way.

How to Incorporate Crystals Into Your Daily Routine

Now that you have the knowledge of the stones you need to navigate motherhood better, how do you cast the power of these crystals over your life? Here are some quick tips:

  • Wear them as jewellery to ensure protection for you and your baby wherever you go. You can do this from the day of - your conception, throughout your pregnancy, and even after your baby is born.
  • Place a crystal under your pillow for better sleep, protection, and optimal healing.
  • Place a crystal of your choice on your womb. Meditate with it and visualize the ideal motherhood journey you want to embark on.
  • Hold a worry stone in your hands and set your intentions into it. Doing this helps amplify your desires to the universe.
  • Create a sacred space or an altar in your home from which a loving energy and safety flow. Place the crystals that align with your intention here.

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