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Get Over Your Ex, Attract Wealth, Set New Goals with These 3 Powerful Rituals

Get Over Your Ex, Attract Wealth, Set New Goals with These 3 Powerful Rituals

New to witch practice? If you're starting with a blank slate, this guide will introduce you to 3 common rituals for setting your intentions, manifesting your desires better, and for cutting off unproductive habits (and relationships!) that keeps you from achieving your goals.

New Moon Rituals

Want to set new goals, launch a new project, meet new people, or simply reset your mind? The best time to do all these is during the new moon. Each lunar cycle is an opportunity to reflect, set intentions, to let go of what’s not serving you well, and overall, to plan.

The new moon (the first phase of the lunar cycle) is the ideal time to plant the seeds for what you want to create and manifest. It happens once a month when the sun and moon are aligned at the exact same degree in the sky and in the zodiac wheel. When it occurs, the moon is invisible from the Earth.

It's our monthly reminder to dig deeper into our desires, think of ways to realize those desires, and ask the Universe's help in realizing these desires, says Niki Novo, spiritual teacher and medium.

As Niki puts it:

The new moon is an invitation to go inward and be with our emotions and our inner voice to find what our truth is in this moment, so that we can plant the seeds for what we want to create and manifest and bring out at the new full moon.

Since new moons occur once a month, you can take it as a signal to reset”may it be by setting new intentions, goals, or plans for the coming months.

Every new moon culminates in a full moon in 6 months (or when the moon waxes to fullness). This means you may work toward your desires throughout this period, breaking your goals into bi-weekly or monthly action plans.

Being in sync with the lunar energies can give you some sense of direction. If you're keen to connect with the moon to amplify your desires, here are some rituals you can try when the new moon comes around according to mbg mindfulness. You may also perform these rituals in time for the Samhain celebration which falls on October 31st.


1. Articulate Your Intention

Take advantage of the new moon to set your goals and intentions. It's as easy and straightforward as sitting down and reflecting on what you want to happen in your life. Here's a simple intention-setting ritual to get you started:

  • Prepare your altar or your sacred space. Grab a pen and a journal. Then light a candle or herb bundle and sit on a meditation cushion or rug. (To avoid distractions, turn off your phone and close the door shut.)
  • Close your eyes. Place one hand on your heart and the other on your belly to connect with your physical body. Then breathe deeply.
  • Ask yourself: What do I desire most? Do you want your career to be closely aligned with your purpose? Do you want to release forgiveness to certain people? Do you want to improve your existing relationships? Do you want to be healthier? Richer?
  • Feel your body and notice how it responds to the answer. Do you feel a surge of excitement? Do you feel peace or calmness? The answer that gives you a positive emotion is what you truly desire.
  • The right answer should elicit a sense of gratitude in your body. Gratitude can feel like warmth, a slowing of the breath, a sense of grounded-ness, a light feeling in the chest and heart, uncontrollable smile, or an automatic smile. Feel this emotion in your body.
  • Open your eyes. Write down your intention as a way of declaring your goal.
  • Phrase your intention in the positive. For example, I feel joy as I bathe myself in unwavering love and compassion.

2. Draw a Ritual Bath

New moons are always a great and pleasant time to give yourself a ritual bath. If you're a water sign (Scorpio, Pisces, or Cancer) you might find this ritual especially useful for recharging your mind, body, and soul.

What you'll need:



  • Light up your incense next to the tub.
  • Light the candles and place them in a safe place in your bathroom.
  • Add the rose petals to the bath water.
  • Add 6 drops of rose and oil and 6 drops of jasmine oil to the water (the number 6 is the number of love).
  • Place the rose quartz and aventurine crystal in the bath water. Both crystals are great for cleansing your heart chakra and for attracting love and abundance into your life.
  • As you bathe, visualize yourself in a loving relationship. Place the crystals over your heart. Then visualize your heart opening and love coming into your heart.
  • Soak for 20 minutes.
  • Once finished, place your crystals on your nightstand. Bury the rose petals in soil to give it back to the Earth.

3. Do a Crystal Meditation

This simple crystal meditation is one of the easiest ways to amplify and seal your intentions during a new moon.

You can perform this ritual with the following crystals commonly used in moon phases: clear quartz, smoky quartz, black obsidian, moonstone, citrine, carnelian, lapis lazuli, labradorite, pink opal, or rhodonite.

  • Rinse your crystal under warm water to rid it of stale or negative energy. (If your crystal doesn't take to water well, try another cleansing method that won't affect the crystal's shape or form.)
  • Dry the crystal and hold it to your heart area. Set an intention to stay open, curious, and connected under this new moon.
  • After setting the intention, place your crystal in a pouch. This is so you can carry its energies wherever you go.
  • In the weeks leading up to the full moon or within 6 months, meditate with your crystal to remove mental blocks and to light up any areas in your life that need clarity and direction.

4. Do a Tarot Reading

Need some guidance as you create new plans for the year? You might need a tarot reading for that. Tarot cards can offer valuable insights if you're seeking for answers to different questions including:

  • What's the most important thing for me to pay attention to this new moon (and the days that follow)?
  • What do I need to let go of to make my goals into reality?
  • How can I lean into the energy of [insert the astrological sign of the new moon] at this time?
  • What should I watch out for in the coming weeks leading up to the full moon?
  • What do I need to watch out for in the next 6 months leading up to the astrological sign of the upcoming full moon?

If you're new to tarot reading, seek the help of an experienced tarot practitioner to do the reading for you.

Cord Cutting Ritual

We all form relational attachments with others. The bond we create with another person forms energy cords that get strengthened as the relationship is nurtured.

But when a relationship has ended (whether it's romantic or platonic, familial, or professional) those energy cords can zap out your essential life force. This can become a heavy weight that will keep you from moving forward. As a result, you might not fully heal and potentially carry the trauma into your next relationship.

This is where a cord cutting ritual is needed. It's the tangible and intentional act of separating your energy from a person you want out of your life. This centuries-old ritual traces back to African and Indigenous traditions.

If you want to release every last bit of their energy from your life, a cord cutting ritual can help. Cutting energy cords is an important step that allows you to transition lightly and openly, without carrying the weight of the past.

This ritual must be done regularly as a way of cleansing yourself (and your space) from unwanted energies. A buildup of cords from many people can deplete your energy over time and weaken your aura.

Even long after the relationship has ended, your energies may still be entwined depending on the duration of your relationship, the depth of your commitment, and the quality of the bond you shared. Unhealthy cording manifests through thought patterns and behavioural changes.

Below are some signs of unhealthy cording according to Caroline Stewart, transformation coach and meditation teacher:

  • Reduced energy levels (feeling lethargic or restless)
  • Feelings of unexplained sadness or depression
  • Feeling ˜stuck' or unable to make a decision
  • Speaking excessively about another person (in a judgmental or deprecating manner)
  • Obsessive thoughts about another person
  • Getting sick often
  • Unhealthy coping habits and addictive behaviours (smoking, binge eating and drinking, and drug use)

While cord cutting is often done to detach energy ties with an old flame, you can also perform this ritual to cut off attachments with a friend, a parent (or other family members), a co-worker, etc.

You can also cut cords for places, things, habits, and situations that once had a stronghold over you.


So, how is cord cutting done?

There are many ways to cut cords and protect your energetic field. Below are beginner-friendly practices you can try:

1. Journaling

Writing out your feelings on paper is one of the fastest ways to release those unwanted energies you've been bottling up. Without holding back, write everything you want to say to another person”your frustrations, desires, memories with them, regrets, etc. Then burn the writing as an act of release.

2. Smoke cleansing

Smoke cleansing (popularly known as smudging) is an ancient practice of burning aromatic plants, woods, and resins for health and spiritual purposes. It's also done to purify the mind and body and to invoke the presence of the Divine.

Smoke cleansing also produces a positive impact on your well being. It dispels negative energy, improves your mood, and relieves stress. When you're feeling down, light up a bundle of sage, palo santo, or sweetgrass and clean up those remnants of the past that's stealing your sunshine.

3. Visualization

First, connect with the energy of the Divine that allows you to make important decisions in life.

In your mind, visualize the person you wish to move on from and an energetic cord connecting the both of you. Feel the energy that's impacting your well being. Now visualize yourself holding a pair of scissors and cut the cord between you and the person. See and feel the energetic cord recoil back into you and the person.

Take a moment to feel the energy you invested in the relationship return to you. Thank the other person for the role they played in your life.

3. Actual cord cutting

This technique involves the literal cutting of a cord (a yarn, thread, or twine) by means of burning as a symbolic act of severing energetic attachments with another person. This is best for people who find it challenging to visualize cutting cords in their mind during meditation.

There are several variations to this ritual and you can tweak this according to your preference. To give you an idea how an actual cord cutting looks like, here's a ritual by energy healing practitioner Melani Schweder:


  • 2 thin candles
  • 8 to 10 inches twine or thread
  • 2 small bowls of sea salt (use fireproof ceramic or glass bowls)
  • A photograph of the person you want to cut cords with
  • Smoke cleansing herbs (sage, palo santo, sweetgrass, or other herbs)
  • Assorted healing crystals (e.g., rose quartz, amethyst, rhodonite, clear quartz, and selenite)
  • A fireproof bowl or pan


  • To start the ritual, smoke cleanse your space to purify its energies and set the atmosphere.
  • Tie the ends of your twine to make a circle. Twist the twine 3 times then loop each end onto each candle.
  • Place each candle in the bowls of salt. Make sure to use just enough salt that the candles can stand upright.
  • Add your crystals in the bowls to surround the space with positive and cleansing energies. Then light both candles.
  • Close your eyes and take deep breaths. Connect with the energy of the person you want to cut cords with. As much as possible, try to come into a place of compassion and forgiveness.
  • Grab their photo and lower it into one of the candle flames (use tongs to avoid burning your hand). As the photo burns, try to feel and release gratitude to this person. Recite aloud: [Person's name], thank you for the lessons learned. This part of our soul contract is now complete. I release you from my energy field now.
  • Drop the photograph into the bowl and let it burn completely.
  • Watch the candles burn to the point where the twine gradually catches fire. Let the twine burn all the way over to each candle. Recite: *I release the ties that bind. I now claim that which is mine. Blessed be, and so it is.
  • Close your eyes. Visualize your energy being returned to you and completely breaking the connection to the other person.
  • Let the candles burn down completely. The ritual is sealed once they’re snuffed out.
  • Pour the salt and ash into the nearest source of water (your toilet, a canal, pond, stream, etc.). For the final blessing, say, Spirit of the water, accept and wash away any of [person's name] remaining energy. I release it from whence it came.
  • Wash your hands and thank the Divine for holding space for your ritual.

NOTE: Cord cutting rituals may surface pain, anger, hatred, and other negative emotions from the past. While this may be uncomfortable, feeling these emotions is necessary to truly let go.

If heavy emotions come as you cut the cord, welcome them without judgment and honour them. They're as important as desirable emotions like joy, peace, and happiness.


Spell Jar

Perhaps you want to have a visual reminder of your goals at home or at your office; a concrete reminder that reminds you to focus on realizing your intentions whatever it may be. This is what a spell jar is for.

With roots in the 17th century old folk magick, spell jars are a physical representation of a spell that contains all the thoughts and desires you want to manifest. Anyone who wishes to explore witchcraft turns to spell jars because they're very easy to make. (Just head over to TikTok and see dozens of tutorial videos on how to create your own spell jar.)

What goes into a spell jar? Virtually anything you want that's aligned with your spell or intention. Think of how you'd make a vision board. Then translate that into a jar. There's no limit to what you can throw inside your spell jar as long as it helps you direct your focus into your goal.

You can create any kind of spell jar using different ingredients. Some spell jar staples are herbs, crystals, and oils. Some important reminders:

  • Do this ritual in a quiet space. Be in your relaxed and meditative state.
  • Cleanse your space, your jar/s, and ingredients using aromatic herbs (sage, palo santo, or incense blends) to make sure you get into a positive headspace.
  • Create your spell jar on a full moon when the energy is high in the atmosphere
  • Say aloud your intention as you add each ingredient to the jar.
  • To trap all your intentions, seal your jar by dripping candle into it. Say your intention as you do this.

Get started with spell jars using these 3 recipes:

1. The Wealth Jar

  • A small- to medium-sized jar - Serves as the base for all the ingredients
  • Rock salt Wealth/Prosperity Herb Blend - Assorted herbs made of oak, queen lace, walnut, sassafras, clover, sheep sorrel, bergamot, and lemon balm for promoting wealth.
  • Bay leaf - Sum up your intention in 1 word then write it on the bay leaf. Alternatively, you can use a petal or a piece of paper.
  • Green aventurine - Known as a stone of opportunity that acts as a magnet for attracting abundance and prosperity.

2. The Self-Love Jar

  • A small- to medium-sized jar
  • Rock salt
  • Love Herb Blend - A combination of loose herbs namely yarrow, rose, chicory, lemon balm, catnip, sheep sorrel, cleavers, sootherwood, cinquefoil, and feverfew. This blend promotes kindness, compassion, and enthusiasm.
  • Rose quartz or rhodonite - These crystals are known to increase self-love.

3. The Happiness Jar

  • A small- to medium-sized jar - Serves as the base for all the ingredients
  • Rock salt
  • Happiness/Joy Herb Blend - A combination of cedar, clover, knapweed, pine, Queen Anne's Lace, and yarrow known to induce feelings of joy and happiness.
  • Citrine - This crystal exudes happiness and positive energy“an ideal crystal to work with if you're feeling down or demotivated.

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