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How to Manifest Your Desires This Christmas Using Healing Crystals

How to Manifest Your Desires This Christmas Using Healing Crystals

It's officially the Christmas season! For most people, the month of December is about exchanging gifts, preparing an enormous feast, and spending quality time with the family. But for us crystal geeks, December is the best time for setting goals and intentions.

Why Set Your Intentions in December Rather Than January?

When you set intentions for the upcoming year in December and work towards achieving your goals for the entire month, you get to welcome New Year with pride. New Year's Eve then becomes a celebration of what you can do, rather than a time to feel sorry for what you haven't accomplished.

And this sets the tone for the year ahead. This simple switch renews your mindset and attitude for the New Year ” from one of dread and frustration to hope and excitement.

To manifest your desires faster (that is, to accelerate bringing something tangible in your life by belief and attraction), you must set your intentions with healing crystals.

Crystals carry potent energies that breathe life into intentions and turn them into realities.

How Do Crystals Help Us Achieve the Things We Want?

How do crystals help manifest desires

Crystals can be used to control the energy in and around us. This can help speed up the manifestation process.

Various crystals also serve as a visual reminder of your goals. You can use a crystal set with a specific intention to remind you to follow through on that goal.

For example, if you tend to worry about the future, you can look to your amethyst crystal to gently remind yourself to be still and stay grounded in the present moment.

Intentions to Set with Your Crystals

How to set intentions

So what exactly are intentions? Intentions are like mantras that guide your goals and vision. They are personal statements that reflect your desires or the outcomes that you want to achieve.

There are different types of intentions you can set with your crystals. For them to be effective, they have to be deeply personal; something that you believe in from the bottom of your heart. You must also recite these intentions while meditating with your crystals.

Here are some examples of intentions:

Intentions for boosting self-confidence:

  • I'm bold and brave.
  • I have all the qualities I need to succeed.
  • I intend to love and care for myself better.
  • I am worthy of love and respect.

Intentions for attracting love and romance:

  • I intend to be vulnerable and open.
  • I embrace new beginnings and healing from the past.
  • I invite romantic connection into my life.
  • I intend to love unconditionally.

Intentions for embracing positivity and releasing stress:

  • I intend to release negativity and choose happiness.
  • I am braver than my fears tell me.
  • I open myself to healing and warmth.
  • I intend to forgive myself and others.

Intentions for career or financial success:

  • I intend to take deliberate steps to achieve my dream career.
  • I open myself to financial opportunities that I need.
  • I invite the right professional connections into my life.
  • I intend to be open to success and abundance.

To set these intentions:

  1. Write down your intention and say it out loud.
  2. Hold the crystal in your hand.
  3. Think of your intention and focus on it as if it's already happened. Cleanse and charge your crystals after use.

Manifest Your Desires with These Crystals

What crystals to use for intention setting

Not sure which crystals to work with? Amplify your desires this holiday season using these popular crystals based on your intentions:

Money and success

  • Citrine - For wealth, creativity, and success
  • Green aventurine - For attracting money-generating opportunities
  • Pyrite - Boosting motivation in career and business as well as attracting abundance


  • Amethyst - For reducing stress, fear, tension and inducing calmness and healing
  • Obsidian - Removing blockages in the body and improving blood circulation and energy flow
  • Quartz - For healing all kinds of illnesses and boosting healing state


  • Pink kunzite - Unconditional love and loving communication
  • Rose quartz - For attracting all forms of love (familial, platonic, or romantic)
  • Rhodonite - For emotional healing, helping the user become open to new love

Dreams and desires

  • Clear quartz - Mental clarity and increasing your vibration to align with your desires
  • Celestite - For dream recall and connecting with the divine, which helps in processing your thoughts, emotions, and in spiritual enlightenment
  • Iron pyrite - Eliminates feelings of inadequacy (i.e. imposter syndrome) that may hold you back from reaching your full potential

Get Ready to Live the Life You've Always Dreamed Of

The best gifts you can give yourself this Christmas are love, happiness, abundance, and success. And setting intentions with crystals might just help you transition into these realities.

Regardless of intention ” be it loving yourself more, landing your dream job, or healing from emotional trauma ” the crystal you choose will be there for you all the way, working in the background managing energies and communicating your desires to the universe.

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