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What on Earth Is Septarian?

What on Earth Is Septarian?

Septarian (also called dragon stone) is an ancient sedimentary rock that was formed millions of years ago.

It is made of aragonite, calcite, and limestone ” a combination that gives the rock its distinct gray, brown, and yellow colours. Septarian is widely used in designing ornaments and jewellery.

The use of septarian nodules in meditation encourages higher order thinking and self-introspection.

No crystal sparks curiosity, mental clarity, and inspires creative solutions like septarian. It also energizes the root, sacral, and solar plexus chakra.


The Physical Properties of Septarian

Septarian nodules are considered as a geode since they had crystallized in the large cavities of the septarian rock.

The rock consists of 3 minerals that each give a unique colour to the rock: aragonite (brown), calcite (yellow), and limestone (gray). Some specimens may have traces of whites as a result of barite inclusions.

Opaque septarian rocks are brittle, with a low Mohs hardness value ranging from 1.5 to 4. This means they are prone to scratching and cracking.

It's important to store septarian jewellery in its own container (ideally a soft pouch or a sturdy bead tray) and away from harder crystals.

Use warm water to clean the rock and avoid harsh chemicals and stream cleaners. Allow it to dry completely before wearing or storing.


The History of Septarian

The name septarian is from the Latin word septum which means partition. It was named as such because of the presence of angular cavities on the rock due to cracking.

Septarian nodules can have cracks of different lengths called septaria. These cracks can become the very areas where calcite crystals form.

Septarian was formed during the Cretaceous Period or the years before dinosaurs became extinct (approximately 50 to 60 million years ago).

It was discovered in the southern part of Utah and Madagascar, where sea levels at the time were so high. Many parts of the Earth were submerged in water including volcanoes.

Underwater volcanic eruptions wiped out sea creatures nearby. This resulted in organic materials (e.g., shells and bones) falling to the seafloor.

Mineral contents from the shells and other underwater life forms bonded with the seafloor sediments and created the nodules.

As time passed, more sea creatures settled to the ocean floor and combined with the sediment.

Once the oceans returned to normal levels, the septarian nodules were exposed. These formations had then dried and crystallized into aragonite and calcite crystals.

Septarian Quick Facts.png

The Lore of Septarian

Being an ancient rock, septarians nodules are considered wisdom stones. Psychics use septarian to connect with past lives and generate lessons from past experiences.

Some people believe that sleeping with a septarian underneath your pillow helps with dream recall and interpretation.

Septarian is also known as a talisman of courage. It imbues confidence in its user. As such, it's a popular stone among public speakers which they hold in their hand or put in their pocket when they face a crowd.

The Metaphysical Properties of Septarian

Septarian carries the healing properties of its constituent minerals. Among these noteworthy healing qualities include:

  • Aragonite - Eliminates stress and anxiety. Aragonite also calms the mind, body, and spirit during meditation.
  • Calcite - Removes blockages from the energy centers, increases spiritual awareness, and boosts memory. Calcite is believed to reduce feelings of hatred and resentment. It also strengthens character.
  • Limestone and barite - Septarian is a good grounding stone because of its limestone and barite contents. It grounds the body and spirit, stimulates emotional healing, and restores physical and mental energies. Barite energizes the upper chakras to boost your intuition.

Working with a septarian is recommended if you're looking for a stone that combines all these benefits in one.

Feeling lost or discontented? Been wanting to reconnect with yourself? Septarian can act as your compass. It will help set you on the path to personal growth.

As a stone of unity, it promotes oneness with yourself. It ensures that you strike a balance between yourself and the spiritual plane.

Septarian also makes it easier for you to connect and collaborate with others in many different contexts, be it in your personal or professional relationships.

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